Banking Scam Alert

Posted on 6th January 2014 online-hacker-scam

We have become aware that our name, as well as the names of individual staff members, have been used in unsolicited scam e-mails. These communications seek to persuade the recipient to pay funds due within a property transaction to a TSB bank account on the grounds that there are alleged issues with our new Barclays bank account.

The outgoing e-mail address that we have seen is not a genuine Scott Fowler e-mail address and does not contain the Scott Fowler domain name.

We would like to confirm and reassure clients that there are no issues with our Barclays Bank account and any funds being sent to that account will be properly credited to our client account.

Would anyone who receives any such communication please note that neither this firm nor any of our staff have any involvement whatsoever in the subject matter of those e-mails and that references to this firm are unauthorised and unlawful. Unfortunately there is a well documented history of these sorts of scams.

We would be grateful if any such recipient could please contact us  urgently so that we can further assist in the ongoing investigation into this matter.  If anyone would like to check whether a communication is genuine they should please telephone the appropriate fee earner for confirmation.

We thank you for your assistance and vigilance at this time.