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Re-mortgages & Transfers of Equity on Residential Property

If you are looking to re-mortgage your home or property, whether it is to improve the terms of your borrowing, borrow more or because your circumstances have changed, then we can help you effect your re-mortgage smoothly and without fuss.

Our experienced teams have helped many clients through this process. Our teams have excellent relationships with mortgage advisors and agents, so that we can give you a streamlined service whilst acting in your best interest at all times and offering the advice you need on the legal aspects of the transaction.

We provide independent legal advice for individuals on residential mortgages, as well as to guarantors (companies and/or individuals) for commercial funding on residential property. As well as traditional high street mortgages, we also advise on company loans, bridging finance, self-build mortgages and Islamic funding structures.

A transfer of equity is where you are changing the terms of ownership on a property. It is crucial that you seek legal advice before starting on a transfer of equity process as there can be significant implications to consider for both you and any other party involved.

Using our services for your re-mortgage and/or transfer of equity will mean that you will benefit from:

  • A fixed fee with no hidden costs - we will provide you a free quote for the service
  • An experienced team providing key updates
  • Advice that is simple to understand (without all the legal jargon)

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