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Will Advice

Here at Scott Fowler Solicitors we cater to all and offer individual solutions to every client providing expert care and guidance to ensure your final wishes are taken care of. Making a will can be a stressful experience but we aim to simplify the process for you by guiding you through in a straightforward and sensitive manner.

No one wants to think about the eventually of death and everyone thinks a will is something you need to do when you’re older. If you have children or other dependents, or own property, it is important to make a Will to make sure your wishes are carried out should you pass away unexpectedly.

Wills can vary greatly in detail. As well as choosing who will inherit your property and other assets, it can include who will care for your children and requests about your funeral. Wills can also include life interest trusts and discretionary trusts as solutions to more complex personal or financial circumstances. This is particularly important when protecting assets and planning for inheritance tax. Advice will be given about your exposure to make sure you are aware of any potential risks.

Seeking the advice of experienced and qualified advisors is especially important where your family circumstances are more complex, or where your wishes may be contentious. We can provide advice and guidance to help minimise any problems which may be encountered after your death which is not available when using cheaper DIY will drafting services.

There are no hidden costs to our services, will storage is provided free of charge and you will be kept informed and up to date on the progress by our friendly and experienced team.


If you already have a will it is important to make sure that it still meets your needs, especially if it was made a few years ago. Has anything changed since you made it; have you got married or divorced, have you had children, have you acquired or sold property, are your executors and beneficiaries still alive, have their circumstances changed? We offer a free health check on your existing will, even if it was not made through us. If your will still meets your needs we will say so, but if it needs updating we will discuss this with you and offer you an updated will for a fixed fee with no hidden costs.

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